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The Top Ten Business Intelligence Tools For The Year 2019

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The Top Ten Business Intelligence Tools For The Year 2019 – “Top 10” Buyer’s Guide Top 10 Business Intelligence (BI) Tools A roundup of some of the best business intelligence and analytics solutions on the market.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are software tools that unify data and provide actionable information about a specific company or industry. Business intelligence tools are important because they help companies create focused, informed business plans that can help drive change, enter new markets, improve user experience, and drive sales.

The Top Ten Business Intelligence Tools For The Year 2019

10 best 2019 business intelligence toolsThis requires data analysis, mining, tools, infrastructure, visualization, and other skills in business intelligence software. More data a BI tool processes, the more accurate its insights and intelligence. This will make it believable and persuasive to C-suite executives.

Many companies profit from BI solutions. Analysis of internal and external data can show an organization’s competitive standing. This data can be presented in reports and shared with relevant team members for strategic planning and action. Business intelligence may optimize operations and minimize workload.

These are the top ten business intelligence tools available today. We study each solution’s details so your firm can select the right one. We’ll also suggest the ideal solution for a use case.

Board Domo Data Experience IBM Cognos Analytics Microsoft PowerBI Qlik Sense BI Suite from SAP Sisense Spotfire Tableau Desktop Zoho Analytics

Business intelligence and planning platform Board’s Intelligent Planning Platform offers advanced analytics, dashboards, scorecards, and reporting. It can generate KPIs, reference associated datasets, and distribute reports with network and external users. The platform collects data from databases, data warehouses, OLAP cubes, flat files, cloud data, CPM, ERP, and IoT devices. Data manipulation is simple for customized reports. The solution offers benchmarking, profitability analysis, and trend indicators.

Since my last update in April 2023, I can list the top Business Intelligence (BI) tools of 2019. These tools were well-known for data analysis, visualization, and corporate decision assistance. Remember that the BI tools landscape is dynamic, and newer or more updated tools may have developed since then.

Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools of 2019

  1. Tableau
    • Known for its robust data visualization capabilities. It allowed businesses to convert raw data into easily understandable formats.
  2. Microsoft Power BI
    • Offered deep integration with other Microsoft products and provided a powerful suite of analytics tools with a user-friendly interface.
  3. QlikView & Qlik Sense
    • These tools were popular for their associative data modeling and user-driven, self-service BI capabilities.
  4. SAS Business Intelligence
    • A comprehensive suite known for advanced analytics, it catered well to enterprises with complex data analysis needs.
  5. Oracle BI
    • Offered a broad range of BI tools and applications, including reporting, OLAP, analytics, dashboards, and scorecards.
  6. SAP BusinessObjects
    • Provided a flexible and scalable suite of BI tools for reporting, querying, analysis, and data integration.
  7. IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Known for its enterprise-level capabilities, it offered reporting, analytics, scorecarding, and dashboarding functionalities.
  8. MicroStrategy
    • Offered a comprehensive BI platform with strong mobile capabilities and high-grade security features.
  9. Domo
    • A cloud-based BI tool, known for its ease of use and ability to consolidate data from various sources for better insights.
  10. Looker
    • Gained attention for its data exploration capabilities and unique approach to data modeling with LookML.

Criteria for Selection in 2019

These tools were evaluated based on several criteria, including:

  • Data Visualization and Reporting Capabilities
  • Ease of Use and User Interface
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Scalability
  • Data Analysis and Processing Features

One of the platform’s standout features is its predictive analytics capabilities. This means companies can make targeted decisions based on underlying trends and forecasts. The platform provides machine learning prediction, simulation, clustering and statistical capabilities. The solution has a clean, interactive and intuitive interface and provides good assistance with getting started. Designed with the enterprise in mind, Board has developed a robust, powerful and technologically advanced system.

Domo is a software company focused on data and analytics. The Domo Data Experience Platform is a full-stack, cloud-based data intelligence and security solution that delivers powerful business intelligence. Additional capabilities of the solution include data integration, governance and security. The BI side of the platform delivers effective reporting through streamlined dashboards; it enables the combination and correlation of data from any source in one place. The solution helps businesses leverage real-time data to generate actionable and insightful reports.

In 2019, the BI tools listed above were leading the market, each with unique features and strengths. They played a crucial role in enabling businesses to leverage data for strategic decision-making, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage. For the latest information and current market leaders, it’s advisable to consult recent market research and product updates.

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