Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

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Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios – Crypto never sleeps and the market is extremely fast. Opportunities come and go in a heartbeat, making it difficult to filter out the noise of the most promising altcoins. This challenge is one of the reasons why professional traders rely on crypto monitoring tools to stay in the market. However, with the large number of platforms and tools available, finding the right fit for your needs can take time and effort. So, to help you in this endeavour, we’ll explore the top five tools you need to monitor the cryptocurrency market!

In today’s article, we’ll explore five tools you can use to monitor the crypto market. What’s more, tools can be used to monitor cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways. For example, Moralis Money is used to monitor token updates and discover new crypto coins, while tools like CoinTracker are used to monitor the performance of Web3 wallets.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

In addition to explaining the five tools, we show you how to monitor the market with our number one pick: Moralis Money. If you want to go to this area, feel free”

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The crypto market is huge and getting bigger every day, which makes it hard to keep track of what’s happening. Therefore, professional traders use crypto monitor tools to gain advantage in the market.

However, as the crypto market rapidly expands, we’ve also seen a rise in crypto monitoring tools, making it challenging to find the right option for your needs. For this reason, we have compiled a list of five key tools that will help you monitor the crypto market:

You can also explore some additional platforms for monitoring cryptocurrencies by checking out our article on blockchain analysis tools.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s jump right into this guide and start with our #1 pick for the best crypto monitoring tools: Moralis Money!

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Moralis Money is an overall top choice among the best crypto monitoring tools. It’s the industry’s #1 on-chain trading indicator, focused on aggregating blockchain token data and presenting it to you in an understandable and actionable format.

With a crypto tool like Moralis Money, you get everything you need to monitor cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchain networks. And using Moralis Money, you can easily find undervalued cryptos before sites like Whale, CoinGecko, and the masses!

TradingView was introduced in 2011 and is a leading social media network and charting platform for traders and investors. The platform supports most financial markets including the cryptocurrency market. TradingView helps users view multiple charts to monitor the market, create their own formulas, test trading strategies and more. However, many other tools – such as Moralis Money – integrate the functionality of TradingView, which provides a more comprehensive solution for monitoring cryptocurrencies.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

While Moralis Money specializes in providing you with blockchain token data in real time so you can monitor the market, tools like CoinTracker focus on wallet tracking. CoinTracker is a wallet tracker platform that helps users monitor their assets through wallets and blockchain networks. The platform has over a million users and connects to 500+ wallets and exchanges.

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Airdrop Alert is a platform designed to help users discover and participate in new crypto airdrops. It has a simple interface, personalized notification system and compact database. Airdrop Alert provides a central hub for discovering new and exclusive airdrops. And they aim to revolutionize the way investors access token assets.

Cryptopanic is an easy-to-use crypto news aggregator. It is a comprehensive website aimed at helping users track price movements, social media sentiment and news. So, it essentially allows users to stay updated. Furthermore, with CryptoPanic, users can filter the noise by setting alerts to monitor specific coins or keywords.

Among the options on our list of top crypto monitoring tools, Moralis Money is the first option. The platform is equipped with several sophisticated features that help you monitor both the crypto market and specific tokens in a comprehensive manner.

This is possible because Moralis Money uses real-time, on-chain data to provide irrefutable market updates. As such, when you work with Moralis Money, you can easily find new trading opportunities before everyone else and increase your crypto profits!

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Well, in this section we will showcase the Alerts feature, which is the ultimate tool for monitoring the cryptocurrency market. With Alerts you have two primary options: 1) monitor individual tokens or 2) monitor the market for emerging opportunities.

Your first option is to use Moralis Money’s Alerts feature to set up alerts related to specific token contracts. If you do this, you’ll receive email notifications whenever something matches the filter on your chain. So, it’s an easy way to monitor any cryptocurrency you’re interested in.

To set up an alert, you just need to navigate to the “Notifications” tab, add the token address, apply the filter of your choice and click the “Save Alert” button:

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

You can set up alerts directly from the Coin Token page. Just click on “Create Alert” and follow the same steps as above:

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In exchange for setting an alarm, you will receive an email notification when your alarm is triggered. It looks like this:

Your other option is to monitor the market for future opportunities. If you do this, you will receive email notifications when new tokens matching your preferences are generated. Because of this, it’s an easy way to discover new tokens even if you’re not actively trading.

To set up an alert to monitor the market, start by saving a custom request while using the Token Explorer feature (for more on Token Explorer, see our article on how to find tokens before they pump):

From there, go to the “Save Requests” tab, press the bell button for the filter in question, add the required information and start monitoring:

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Opportunities come and go in the fastest growing crypto market. And to see significant success, it is important that you manage to find the right altcoins. However, as the market grows, it becomes harder to filter out the noise, which is why professional traders use crypto monitoring tools.

With a crypto monitoring tool like Moralis Money, you can easily track the right opportunities to increase your profits. This is possible because you can filter for the specific coins you’re looking for, meaning you don’t have to manually go through them all to find potential gems.

What’s more, features like alerts are also great value, as they allow you to spot promising new opportunities even when you’re not actively trading. That’s why it’s a huge time saver for many casual traders who can’t afford to go full-time into crypto!

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Also, another part of monitoring the cryptocurrency market and the coins you hold is minimizing losses. By setting up alerts, you can save a lot of money as they can be used to signal when the token price is about to drop.

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You have an opportunity to avail Moralis Money absolutely free and this is a great start. However, to maximize the value of one of the best crypto trading tools, consider the Moralis Money Pro plan. To highlight the value of Pro, here are three benefits of the plan:

The above benefits are just three examples and the Moralis Money Pro plan has a lot more. For example, you’ll also get access to premium training, save up to ten requests, and more:

If you want to try the Moralis Money Pro plan for yourself, you can sign up for our seven-day trial now by visiting our pricing page:

In addition to explaining these tools, we also showed you how to monitor the market with Moralis Money. Moralis Money is the industry leading trading indicator and has three central functions:

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Also, if you want to maximize the value of the above features, remember to sign up for the Moralis Money Pro plan today!

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Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Monitoring Cryptocurrency Portfolios

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