Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

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Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training – 1. End-User Computing Strategies Presentation – A step-by-step document to guide you through end-user computing trends and processes to improve customer satisfaction.

This storyboard will help you identify your objectives, create standard offerings for users, define governance and policies around the offerings, and develop a roadmap for your EUC program.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

2. End-User Computing Strategy Template – A repository for your current state and personal analysis to identify technology requirements for each user group.

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Use these templates to document your end-user computing strategy. Follow the guidelines in the plan and record the results of the activities in the model. The findings will be presented to the management team.

3. End-User Computer Ideas Catalog and Standard Offering Guide – Templates that guide you in documenting the result of personal analysis to define standard offers and policies.

Document provisioning models and define computing devices along with applications and peripherals according to the result of user group analysis.

Use these policy templates to communicate the purposes behind each end user’s computing decision and to establish company standards, guidelines, and procedures for acquiring technologies. Policies will ensure that purchases, refunds, security applications and enforcement are consistent and aligned with the company’s strategy.

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After each Info-Tech experience, we ask our members to quantify the real-time savings, monetary impact, and project improvements that our research helped them achieve. See our top member experiences for this model and what our customers have to say.

Jeremy’s experience and knowledge is helping me build a comprehensive business case for my organization around providing computers to students.

We thought it was very helpful and the information provided additional information about another project. Very valuable. I’m not sure if this will save us time or money in… Read more

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

We thought it was very helpful and the information provided additional information about another project. Very valuable. We’re still not sure if this will save us time or money on the project. Read less

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Jeremy hit a home run. he helped us with tools that can assist our team while they work outside the office

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It’s easy to think that if we provide end users with good devices, they will be more engaged and satisfied with IT. If only it were that easy.

Info-Tech Research Group interviewed more than 119,000 people through its CIO Business Vision Diagnostic. The results show that a good device is necessary, but not sufficient, for high satisfaction with IT. When the user has a decent device, other aspects of the user experience have a greater impact on their satisfaction with IT.

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After all, if a person tries to use apps developed in the 1990s, if they have trouble accessing resources through a low-performing VPN connection, or if they can’t get help when their devices and apps don’t work, then it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if you gave them a modern MacBook or a Microsoft Surface.

As you build your end-user computing strategy to reflect the new reality of today’s workforce, focus on moving user support to the left, modernizing applications to support the way users need to work, and ensure your networking and collaboration tools are more efficient. demands. End-user computing teams need to focus beyond the device.

If a user has a coveted tablet but the apps aren’t well built, they can’t get support for it, or they can’t connect to the Internet, then that device is useless. Focus on supportability, use cases, connectivity, policy – ​​and device.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

End-user computing (EUC) is the information and technology domain that deals with the devices used by workers to perform their work. The EUC has five areas of focus: devices, user support, use cases, policy and governance, and fitness for use.

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Find the right balance The discussion goes beyond IT support. If IT is an influencer, you can lead this conversation. If IT is not an influencer, you should support whatever option the company wants.

Nurses, janitors and other frontline workers use shared tablets. Doctors receive their own tablet. Administrative staff and clinicians are provided with virtual computers to maintain security and compliance.

Good devices are necessary for overall IT satisfaction, BUT good devices are not enough for high satisfaction. A bad device can ruin a person’s satisfaction with IT.

When a person is satisfied with their device, their average satisfaction increases by about 30 percentage points to 70.22%. (Info-Tech Research Group, CIO Business Vision, 2021; N=119, 383)

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Improvements to the service desk, business applications, networks and communications infrastructure, and IT policy have a greater impact on increasing satisfaction.

For every one-point increase in satisfaction in these areas, respondents’ overall satisfaction with IT increased by the respective percentage of one point. (Info-Tech Research Group, CIO Business Vision, 2021; N=119, 409)

Don’t limit your focus to just Windows and MacsAndroid is the operating system with the largest market share Users and IT have more choices than ever Operating system – OS

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

Microsoft is still the dominant player in end-user computing, but Windows has only a fraction of the share it once had.

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IT needs to review its device management practices. Modern management tools, such as unified endpoint management (UEM) tools, are better suited than traditional client management tools (CMT) for a cross-platform world.

IT also needs to revisit its application portfolios. Are enterprise apps compatible with Android and iOS or just Windows? Is there an opportunity to offer more options to end users? Are end users already running apps and handling sensitive data on Android and iOS through software-as-a-service and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capabilities in Office 365 and Google Apps?

Operating system market share driven in part by digital divide If someone has to choose between a smartphone and a PC, they will choose a smartphone

IT can’t expect everyone to be fluent in Windows and Mac, have a computer at home, or even have home broadband.

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Additionally, only 59% of American adults earning less than $30,000 a year own a laptop or computer. (“Mobile Technology” and the “Digital Divide,” Pew Research, 2021.)

Evaluate enterprise mobility management and unified endpoint management to better support a remote, cross-platform reality. Customer Management Tool (CMT)

CMTs like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr, also known as SCCM) can be used to distribute applications, apply patches, and enforce group policies.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

EMM tools allow you to manage multiple device platforms through mobile device management (MDM) protocols. These tools enforce security settings, let you push apps to managed devices, and monitor patch compliance through reports.

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EMM tools typically support mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM). Most EMM tools can manage devices running Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, although there are exceptions.

UEM solutions combine CMT and EMM for better control of remote computers running Windows or Macs. Examples include:

Most UEM tools can manage devices running Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, allowing IT to manage all end-user devices from a unified toolset (although there are exceptions).

MAM provides the ability to package an application with security settings, distribute application updates, and enforce application updates. Some features do not require programs to be enrolled in an EMM or UEM solution.

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MCM tools distribute files to remote devices. Many MCM solutions allow you to apply security settings, such as encrypting files or prohibiting data from leaving the secure container. Examples include OneDrive, Box, and Citrix ShareFile.

Embrace modern management with EMM and UEM – best toolkits for the current state of EUC Sacrifice your Group Policy Objects to better manage Windows PCs

Supply chain issues cause computers to take longer to acquire, which means users wait longer for computers (Cision, 2021). The resulting shortage of silicon chips is expected to last until at least 2023 (Light Reading, 2021).

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Modernizing Agent Training

Remote work has increased 159% in the last 12 years (NorthOne, 2021). New employees and existing users can’t always come into the office to purchase a new computer.

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IT departments pay vendors to maintain computers and then ship them directly to the end user. Devices are provisioned without touch (e.g. Autopilot, Apple Device Manager, or other tool). Because zero-touch provisioning tools don’t support images, teams have had to switch to provisioning packages.

The pandemic has seen a surge in spending on virtual desktops. Virtual desktops provide powerful tools to support remote devices and personal computers without compromising sensitive data. Virtual Desktops – DaaS

Citrix grew subscription revenue by 71% year-over-year in 2020 (Citrix 2020 Annual Report, p. 4). VMware saw subscription and SaaS revenue increase 38% from January 2020 to 2021 – while on-premises license revenue decreased 5% (VMware Annual Report 2021, p. 40).

Microsoft and AWS offer computing as a service (that is, virtual cloud-based computing). IT only needs to manage the device, not the underlying virtual computing infrastructure. This is in addition to cloud offerings from Citrix and VMware, where IT does not need to manage the underlying infrastructure that supports VDI.

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Be prepared to support a hybrid workforce where people sometimes work remotely and sometimes work in-house

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