Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response

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Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response – Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an online security solution used to detect and respond to online threats at the endpoint. EDR uses artificial intelligence tools and machine learning to continuously monitor and analyze the decision process in real time, including all processes, file encryption, network traffic and user logins. This allows EDR tools to detect not only malicious content, but also suspicious behavior that may indicate a high-level threat. Security teams are then notified of malicious activity for further investigation and manual response. EDR tools can also be configured with automated responses to remove and isolate threats from the network.

Security teams use EDR tools to streamline cybersecurity processes and free up time for more productive and business-focused tasks. The main functions of an EDR solution are:

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response

Gartner research director Anton Chuvakin coined the term “EDR” in 2013 while exploring the need for more robust malware tracking tools that can “identify and detect suspicious activity (and flag it) other problems on the host/end.” In short, EDR is dedicated to threats and threat detection and does not focus on protection, which is a big departure from traditional malware.

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The global top end security market is expected to reach USD 9.51 billion by the end of 2021 and reach USD 15 billion by 2024. The EDR market is defined by:

OSSEC is open source and free EDR software that offers log analysis, Windows registry monitoring, and other EDR features. OSSEC is often used by large enterprises, small and medium businesses, and government agencies that require lightweight EDR functionality. OSSEC provides:

TheHive Project is an “attitude emergency (state) for the masses,” which compiles rapid and accurate emergency responses to help inform prevention plans. TheHive Project is a collaboration platform with powerful live streaming, real-time reporting and project scheduling. TheHive Project provides:

Osquery is provided as a program under the Apache license, with a search engine that increases the visibility of related devices. It is mainly used by SMEs and large enterprises.

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Snort is a powerful anti-intrusion software designed to analyze document logging and real-time traffic. EDR is a useful tool for detecting and detecting a threat, but EDR is not fully functional. Snort provides:

Endpoint Secure is an approach to meeting best practice EDR solutions that go beyond traditional security solutions.

Endpoint Secure is integrated with the AI-powered malware detection engine, Engine Zero. It provides the most powerful and intelligent detection of damaged and unknown objects. Endpoint Secure also benefits from the Neural-X threat intelligence platform, which enables Endpoint Secure to catch new cyber threats.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response

Endpoint Secure is built with the latest anti-ransomware tools, including the world’s first endpointransomwarehoneypot. The honeypot uses spoof files to detect and delete ransomware in real-time, minimizing damage to the system. Information management programs are also available in all operating systems. Users can use “One-Click Kill” to delete the ransomware found in the enterprise with one mouse click.

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Endpoint Secure is also integrated with multiple security solutions including NGAF, IAG and Cyber ​​​​Command as part of the XDDR solution. With location, perimeter and network data collection and coordination, XDDR is a complete threat intelligence and response system that provides organizations with the best protection against the most sophisticated threats such as ransomware and persistent threats (APT).

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs think, SMEs are more vulnerable than large companies. Between 2020 and 2021, business networks saw 50% more cyberattacks per week, and 40% of small businesses experienced at least eight cyberattack hours of rest. 43% of all cyber attacks target small businesses, but only 14% have the right tools to protect themselves. 61% of small and medium-sized businesses reported at least one cyber attack in their last calendar year, and these numbers continue to grow each year.

Many small businesses that are unwilling to invest in their own cybersecurity end up paying more for solutions and costs than the cost of a security solution. Having professional EDR tools and a web security solution reduces the risk and saves you all the headaches after an attack.

EDR and NDR tools, like other network security solutions, are not mutually exclusive but can complement each other to create a comprehensive security solution. Unless you’re spending on equipment that has similar or overlapping functions, most businesses and organizations will benefit from multiple tools and a better solution than another.

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EDR tools are very useful for dealing with malicious files found at the edge, but they are not a complete network security solution and should be used in conjunction with other tools.

For small and medium businesses looking for a complete network security solution, NGAF (next generation firewall) is a great choice. Its simple GUI dashboard offers easy management and monitoring for even small IT security groups and can eliminate up to 99% of malicious content on-premises. It also integrates with Endpoint Secure to proactively respond to malicious content found on endpoints, effectively cleaning up the vast majority of cyber threats that many businesses face.

As malware and threats continue to evolve and evolve rapidly, the difficulty of keeping them under control also increases every day. Dealing with new and more malicious content requires the latest technology and security, which most free EDR tools often cannot provide. Endpoint Secure, for example, offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities. Few professional EDR tools or online security solutions can match the protection its features provide, and it seems unlikely that they will. They are found in free tools.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response

Cyber ​​​​Command – NDR Platform Endpoint Secure Internet Access Gateway (IAG) Network Secure – Fire Detection Platform-X Access Secure

Soar: Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

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We often hear big (and unrealistic) promises about AI’s ability to solve the world’s problems, and I was skeptical when I first learned that AI could begin to help in disaster response, including in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria ruin

But one effort from the US Department of Defense seems to be working: xView2. Although it is in the early stages of installation, this visual installation project has already helped in an emergency and rescue mission on the ground in Turkey.

An open source project funded and developed by the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit and Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute in 2019, xView2 has collaborated with several research partners, including Microsoft and the University of California, Berkeley. It uses machine learning algorithms combined with third-party satellite imagery to identify damage to buildings and infrastructure in the disaster area and categorize its severity much faster than is possible with current methods.

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According to Ritwik Gupta, principal AI scientist at the Department of Defense Innovation and a researcher at Berkeley, this means the program can quickly direct assistance to first responders and maintenance specialists in the field. . with time.

In this process, Gupta often works with major international organizations such as the US National Guard, the United Nations and the World Bank. Over the past five years, xView2 has been deployed by the California National Guard and the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to respond to wildfires, and more recently to flood recovery in Nepal, helping to visualize the damage the poem suffered later. .

In Turkey, Gupta said xView2 has been used by at least two different ground search and rescue teams from the United Nations International Search and Rescue Advisory Group in Adıyaman, Turkey, which was devastated by the earthquake and whose residents are distressed by the delay in the arrival of search and rescue teams. rescue. xView2 has also been used elsewhere in the disaster area and was able to help workers on the ground “find parts of the damage that they didn’t know about,” he said, noting that Turkey’s President of Disaster and Emergency Management, the World Bank, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the World Food Program The United Nations have all used the situation to respond to the earthquake.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools In Catastrophe Response

The algorithms use a technique similar to object detection, called “semantic segmentation,” which evaluates each pixel of an image and its relationship to neighboring pixels to make decisions.

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