Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

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Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection – When one starts out in the world of counterintelligence, OSINT is one of the first words to learn.

A short word for Open Source Intelligence, it covers not only the area but almost the mind. How do we use published data to understand the situation at hand?

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

This guide aims to walk you through the basics of OSINT, the most commonly used techniques, as well as tried and tested tips to help you combat fraud.

Workflow Of Fraud Detection Methodology

OSINT is used in many fields, from law enforcement to national security and even the modern intelligence industry.

Today, most people who have grown up with the internet have some “stalking” skills – but the scope of this guide is in the area of ​​fraud prevention and investigation. search.

Open Source Intelligence means collecting information from the Internet, social media and traditional sources such as television, newspapers and magazines, to evaluate the situation or the situation.

The information received can be from letters to photos, videos and profiles, which once collected must be processed, evaluated and stored according to the final goal of the analyst .

Insurance Fraud Detection & Investigation Software

In fact, OSINT data can be used to fight fraud, prevent chargebacks and even segment website visitors for marketing, security and other purposes.

At, we use the power of 90+ OSINT sources to measure the accuracy of people involved with our customers. What to do? We will look at everything in detail below.

Collaborate to reduce the cost of fraud in your business with OSINT real-time data support, machine learning and advanced APIs.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

OSINT tools collect and collect information from various publicly available sources and can help provide more detailed information on an individual or company.

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In terms of fraud and prevention, using OSINT means collecting information about a customer or case to determine who they are, their intentions, or whatever happened.

The most common scenario is verifying whether the user and the cardholder are the same person, but OSINT also plays a role in many fraud cases that organizations need to investigate (the unsuspecting users, those involved in fraud etc.).

These are often referred to as persons or places of interest (POIs) – a term coined by the CIA.

OSINT is used by many solution providers to find additional information about specific people or topics that require additional intelligence.

Make The Most Of Your Organization’s Data With Business Intelligence

Because most financial fraud relies on building relationships, trust and misrepresentation, OSINT investigations begin with small pieces of information that we know for sure—for example, who the person is. ie, a social media profile picture or email address – can be shared with anyone. they are. really and what they are after.

An example is data processing, which starts with a person’s email address, phone number or IP then creates a complete map of that person based on their footprint digital – which is almost impossible to cheat.

The reason why using OSINT is important is closely related to the intended use. For example, some of these could be:

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

OSINT can add an extra layer of security and improve your knowledge of potential customers without the need for input from them, thus not affecting the customer’s message. .

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These additional methods can help improve your decision making at a lower cost, along with many free tools.

There are many tools out there, and we have listed some of them in our post on the best tools for OSINT.

In addition to this additional assurance, another important benefit of using OSINT for risk assessment is that the information can be live or updated continuously, as public information is continuously online.

Due to the nature of OSINT and the fact that you are essentially entering a public library on the internet, sifting through the noise can be overwhelming.

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Without a dedicated tool, your team can easily waste time sifting through thousands of documents without any real direction or purpose.

There are not many direct plug-and-play tools that support this kind of data analysis and, without AI support, OSINT requires a lot of human input to analyze the collected data.

We cannot stress enough that OSINT needs to be checked. Sources of information must be researched or you can easily identify false or useless information.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

OSINT has enabled and disseminated information that can be collected and shared without violating laws or regulations, requiring a warrant, or engaging in what would normally be considered criminal conduct.

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It is legal to do so in the context of a fraud investigation, although the data collected and stored must be legal.

In recent years, it has become famous for the widespread use of “doxxing”: exposing anonymous internet users by linking public information. This can be illegal, depending on what the person does with this information, as well as local law.

OSINT techniques include techniques for obtaining the aforementioned information – that is, knowing where to look or what tools to use for the job.

This distinction is important, because while most websites and social media platforms have some kind of search function, they treat some information (such as email and phone) as needed, and you need to know where to find your research to generate results.

Fraud Detection & Prevention Software: Tools And Features

Sometimes it means working against the algorithm: Google orders the search results one way, but using special search engines means you can filter the results for certain types file, or only in certain languages ​​or by certain names.

In fact, it is useful to use a different search engine such as DuckDuckGo or Bing to overcome algorithmic bias.

Other queries require specific research methods (such as search engines), and contain information using specific information (such as information sent by email from Most of these resources are free (although time consuming), while specialized software is often expensive.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

OSINT investigators are responsible for gathering and analyzing information and providing knowledge from their findings.

Big Data Analytics For Fraud Detection And Prevention

Although each employee is different and each organization may have a different process of exactly how the audit is done, a common procedure is followed.

Leave when you go about your duties. In the context of OSINT, this means that you must be careful not to reveal the purpose of your investigation.

Depending on the system used, they will be notified, or your IP address will appear in their logs, etc. The best practice is to search anonymously as possible, using virtual machines if necessary.

OSINT is often associated with manual verification in fraud detection, while the policy setting of anti-fraud is not sufficient to assess the situation.

Fraud Detection: Machine Learning In Fintech And Ecommerce

It follows a few reasons: The system cannot be accurately measured because the risk is calculated from the data captured for a specific order (or usually a transaction) , and people need to interact and gather more knowledge.

Another important use case is to be aware of fraudsters. OSINT techniques can be used to search carder meetings or the dark web to see patterns and what you need to prepare.

While OSINT often includes the 5W questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How), for fraud analysts the most common question is “Do you if you say you are?”.

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

The catch is that the cheaters – the better, however – are smart enemies and will not only find weaknesses in your body but also differences in your approach think

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Someone who has just had their credit card information stolen will do their research on their victim, and try to match the details of the transaction with what you might know about the person. what kind of person, in addition to using the appropriate guardian of the address check.

Similarly, bad partners will try to be transparent, and serious criminals are not heard about their activities with LLCs.

This means that when collecting information, you must keep a different approach in mind. When it comes to fraud, the most common situation is someone presenting themselves as someone else.

The information you get from the given content can be related to an existing person, who may be a kidnapped person or who is a donkey.

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The other half of the puzzle is data directly related to the user: their metadata, IP address, e-mail and phone number.

The question you are trying to answer is whether the two sites are connected by something other than the exchange/registration you are looking at.

Second, while OSINT works primarily with publicly available information, even if it is difficult to find, as a fraud controller you have a lot of inside information at your disposal that can help you

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Analyzing Fraud Detection

Often you will find links that are available on the open web as well. And vice versa: Using intelligence obtained from OSINT, you can discover new points of interest through internal investigation, even if they are not connected together by other points. This often happens when dissecting false rings.

Fraud Detection And Prevention

There are many OSINT workflows – originally

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